Monday, August 24, 2015

Actress Bonnie Langford and a Charlie

Very early photo of two men in costume

Chaplin himself with a children's costume contest

Billy Scadlock in Times Square with the opening of the 'Chaplin' musical

Europa Park Charlie with Elisabeth Volkmann and Hildegard Krekel

Pogo Celerina, 1929

Lil Dagover, 1925

Lil Dagover, German actress in disguise with Conrad Veidt, 1925.

Samir Kamoun, Mr. Belvedere (!!!) and Edie McClurg 1987

German TV show personality Carolin Reiber recreates a scene from 'The Gold Rush'

Angel Emah as Charlie, 1980's

Dick Clark, The Frankenstein Monster, and Charlie (Samir Kamoun)

Hollywood premiere of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' 1973

'Eve Fulton in her Charlie Chaplin costume, 1935'

Fernand Raynaud At Medrano Circus. 1957, Paris.

'Family Matters', 1992

Jaleel White as 'Steve Urkel' as Chaplin recreating a scene from City Lights.